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You have found an old dusty map!

It says this on the back:

“If you are reading this, you must have stumbled across my CAVE OF LOST SONGS! Within you will find a collection of music that would have never seen the light of day if it wasn't for someone as curious as you going looking for them. I hope you enjoy exploring with me, and if you'd like to hear my creator's thoughts on these sounds just continue reading!”
- Dark One


Wendigo sent me this beat earlier in the year when I was struggling with marijuana dependency. I take the substance and personify it as a beautiful woman in this song. It tells the story of a complicated relationship, feeling like you need something or someone but also feeling like it is destroying you and stopping you from growing positively.

Speaking of which I am going to go hit my bong before writing this next note. Be right back.


That was instantaneous for you but that took me a number of minutes. This here tune is just me punching in and coming up with a song as I go. Wendigo made this beat while we were together making music for The Small Dark One. I chose not to include it because my goal with TSDO was to be as concise as possible. This song felt too informal and more in the spirit of a single I would have dropped in 2019 or 2020. I chose to include it here however because fuck it whatever.


Same goes for this song as in I was making it around the time of The Small Dark One and it wasn't included because it felt fun and informal in a way that I didn't think complimented the rest of the project. However, it is one of my favorites. Mainly because it is based. That is all.

4 believe demo 2021

This demo was made a while ago. I made it because I feel like some people don't feel comfortable showing their teeth. Or standing up straight and just rapping. Even if some people think it's old-school and corny I grew up listening to music like that and making it brings me back to times I would freestyle with Wendigo while hanging out in New York or Cxrpse, Cube, and Bruhmane at a park in Long Beach. A lot of times the freestyles would be goofy and fun but sometimes they would be about something happening in the moment. Sometimes something intense or negative. This song just seeks to capture a moment of inspiration.

5 untitled 2 (FT. WENDIGO)

I have been experimenting with making rock music and storytelling. I played the guitar and bass on this track. The drums are computer generated though. I would love to one day record this with a full band but I still think it's a pleasant demo to listen to. I like walking to it because the tempo is good for it. It's just dissonant enough for me to feel nice and on edge. And Wendigo's guitar tickles my ear. That is all. Murder song but I am not the murderer.

6 LAY DOWN demo 2021

I was feeling very clever when I recorded the first verse on this song. You can tell by how I appear so confident and in control. Little did my clever little self know but I would hit a massive writers block at the speed of a sprinting Indian at exactly one minute and twenty one seconds or so. I proceeded to finish it about a week and a half ago because 1: I am better and rapping and 2: It is fire and deserved to be finished. Here it is for your listening face.

7 sisyphus drunk (freestyle)

Got drunk and made a rap. That is pretty much it. I am a very visual person when I listen to music. When I listen to this song I like to imagine Darkie pushing a boulder up a hill in a looping animation in my mind.

8 running away

Honestly never released this song because I felt it was too imperfect and honestly too human. Now I find it captures some of my time spend as Lil Darkie very poetically so I am choosing to put it out.

9 GRPR 2

This song was conceived during the Boros album creation period. I opted to omit it from the project which I later came to regret cuz it's fire and I think it would have maybe helped some people understand the project more. But I guess let sleeping dogs lie or sleep or whatever.

10 untitled 3

Autotune screaming is fun and this song is about tear my soul out.

11 time of the day

I recorded this around the Swamp era! Honestly just didn't drop it because I felt the timing for this as a single just wasn't right considering I had just dropped what I considered my craziest project at that time. Just me having fun. I wanna do a video in a fancy restaurant.

12 untitled

This track is in the spirit of “believe demo 2021” but I made it much more recently by comparison. I like that you can hear my growth.


A time of despair and inner self induced anguish inspired this looping, hypnotic song. I directed my anger outward when I should have turned my gaze inward. Even if someone else is doing something you know is wrong, it is never right to become negative as a result. This song is a release of that hateful, selfish emotion by allowing it to show its ugly face and dissipate.

14 BORAT swamp b-side 2020

I almost wasn't going to put songs 14, 15, and 16 on the project but Wendigo inspired me otherwise. I was looking through my old music with him on the phone and this song played. He said it should go on there because the fans who love our old music would love it. I initially resisted because I ended up not putting this song on Swamp because it felt too on the nose as a “song Darkie would make”. But I realized he was right. Some of my fans would find this song a fun return to something I have moved away from somewhat and that is CRAZY MIDDLE EASTERN THEMED SONGS. Honestly maybe I'm bugging and should make another sometime lol.

16 SOULD yang b-side 2019

It is old as shit and I was experimenting with new sounds. It is very rough but for some reason something about it is redeeming and I don't know what it is but it's there.

17 small dark (freestyle)

Small song. Too small for single. What do? Put here.

18 if only you knew

I was just messing around when I sat down to record this. Ended up making one of the most beautiful and wholesome songs I have ever made. Just never had a place on a project. But it ends this journey quite perfectly if I do say so myself. Also some of Wendigo's best guitar work if I do say so myself again.

Closing Remarks

I am changing and growing as a human. Having all of these songs sitting around felt wrong. I want people to be able to hear them while I move forward with my life and artistry. I am excited for what I have in store for you. See you soon on a new adventure!

- Dark One